Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My assumption is that very few people are actually going to read this blog, but in this techno-centric world in which we live, they say they say that every business needs one. So here we are…

So my thought is to update this page with a collection of things that I like. Good things, that I feel a couple of others might enjoy/appreciate. And from time to time throw in a little bit about the business, what we are up to and how things are progressing. So for the three current followers (bless you), I will try to spice it up every once and awhile and keep things interesting. I promise.

For now, as a fair warning, you’re going to get a lot of music. It should be varied, but since I have been back in the states there’s been a lot blues in the Anderson household. I could not think of a better way to reconnect with a great piece of America.

So above – Asie Payton – Out of Mississippi. Played music his entire life. Only recorded one Album that was not released until after his death. Substantial irony for a man who played the blues and recorded a classic.

Below – Elmore James – The king of the slide guitar.


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