Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paris and Premiere Vision

Paris… (cont)

7am arrival, cold, RER to St. Germain, sleep, a little work, drinks with a friend that I have know for years.. reminisced about last trip, Bordeaux, sunrise, missed Eurostar.. Sleep, 6am wake up. meet Robert. Tells me about his dog…leapt off his Kings Road balcony .fifty feet.. speaks to vet.. dog’s fine… Head to tie manufacture, impressive operation , No decisions, designing samples… Walk by Old English – former Faconnable boss’s new venture – great store, great look. Next tie manufacture, too many ties for someone who refuses to wear them. Pricey, classic. Brasserie Lipp for dinner, a beer off Rue Jacob. Sleep.

Wake up, snowing, train to Premier Vision,... appointments begin.. all the Italians.. Monti, Testa, Albini, Tess.. great meeting in person. Explain Ledbury, overwhelmingly positive response…10,000 swatch cards, spring looks promising…

More fabrics, more buttons, PM departure from PV… back in Paris, beer at Café a Conti. Marshall joins, quickly discussing American politics...defend McDonalds (win), defend defense budget (loose). Dinner Brasserie Balzar, conac with someone from conac . Tell the 13 year-old balloon joke.. sleep.

Wake up, snowing again, regret telling the 13 year-old balloon joke. Meet Robert, RER back to PV, two stops away, train shuts down.. skip fair, back to Paris, see some stores, talk suits, marketing, manufacturing.. run into our manufactures (small town), we all have lunch, an education in international retail,, say goodbyes, quick walk, snow, hail, snow, quick beer, Robert meets his wife, I see a few potential wives. Back to hotel, local café, dogs under table, computers out.. dinner with friend, drinks at les editeurs, bad service, great conversation, sleep, wake, depart.

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