Monday, February 1, 2010

A question of cuff links

A question of cufflinks…

Over the weekend there was another foot of snow in Richmond. As is becoming the custom a few of us spent Saturday at the local bar, dressed for the apocalypse and watching the city come to a stop. Conversation mostly surrounded the question of whether or not Al Gore might be exaggerating, but at one point the conversation turned to French cuffs and cufflinks, and when they should be worn?

This was a question that had been posed to us by a recent customer. There was a little back forth, but a general consensus was eventually met and it occurred to me that it might something to share. Now a small caveat… this blog is written by a few guys who are more opinionated than fashionable, no please take all advice/suggestions with a grain of salt (or disregard completely).

But in regard to cufflinks, the party line was that they should only be worn with a suit. Preferably a tie is involved, but the key component is the suit. Best to avoid the cufflinks with a sweater/cufflinks with jeans look if at all possible.

So there you have it. Don’t get us wrong; we are big fans of French cuffs, just at the right times. Above, a pair of cufflinks made from 1887 Shilling coins. I picked them up at an antique stall off of Bond Street a couple of years back. I often wear a suit just to get them out of the drawer.

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