Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Farm

Some of my happiest memories as a kid were summers that I spent at my grandparent’s farm, Gascony, in the Northern Neck of Virginia. The farm lies along Mill Creek, which opens up to the Chesapeake Bay and is filled with enough barns, dense woods and wildlife to keep a kid endlessly entertained. As an adult, it’s the site of Thanksgiving/Christmas and basically every holiday in between.

Living in England it had been years since I had spent any considerable time there; a fact that may have contributed to my return. So when I came back to Virginia I decided to make it more or less home. The dining room was turned into an office and the table was covered with investor documents and fabrics for the better part of two months.

So when it came time for the first photography shoot it seemed like the ideal spot. Not only did it have the right feel, but it was a chance to bring a good group of friends together for a very entertaining weekend.

Below, a few photos that were taken from the weekend that will probably never make it to print….

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