Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Over dinner on Friday between the appetizer and a shooting outside the conversation turned to things that we purchase and have managed to hold up over time. We came up with a decent list around the table, but we’re all surprised at how short it actually was. I thought I would share a few…..

Ariat Rambler Boots (2005)

The best pair of boots that I have owned. I've had them for five years, wear them most every day in the winter and the sole is still in great condition. Incredibly comfortable and will surely buy another pair if the unimaginable day comes where these ever wear out.

Omega Seamaster (1967)

My first raise worth remembering went directly into watch. I took a gamble and went to an antique store on Portobello Road in Notting Hill. I had my eye on it for awhile. '67, black dial, simple black band and manual hand wind. Six years (well 43) and has not lost a minute, except for a dance floor related incident that briefly cracked the dial…

Volvo S70 (1998)

My first year after college I made two major investments. For some reason at 22, I thought I needed a California King size bed and family sedan favored by soccer moms and college professors. What I failed to factor into my pre-investment due-diligence was that nine months after making both purchases I would move to England… but where the bed still remains too large to fit into my current apartment, the car is back on the road and could not be working better. Black, '98, the last year of the box frame (I argue a classic look) and 100,000 miles as of this weekend. Have not had a single problem to date, except for the BMW that I backed into six-months back…

Leather Portfolio (1963)

A year ago at the farm, I was digging through the basement came across my father’s college portfolio. Beautiful leather, monogrammed and since we share the same initials I figured I would put it too use. It’s been a great addition. Clasp still works and leather is only getting softer with time. It happens to fit a 13.5” MacBook perfectly. Another recent purchase that I managed to run over with number three, a week after I got it….

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